Pre-Move Checklist: How to Safely Move Your Belongings

Are you in need of a professional mover? Planning to move to a new community in the UAE? To make your moving stress-free let’s get down to learning a few helpful tricks. 

Checklist to Moving Without A Hassle

Planning Phase 

The first step is to plan out your move. Even if you go for hiring professional moving companies in the UAE you need to have a plan to execute. Visit the new place and get the measurements of the rooms and spaces. Plan where to place your furniture and how to furnish it. 

Get the Packaging Material 

The next step is to collect all the necessary packaging material that can help you. From bubble wraps to boxes to thermal sheets, you need to get equipped with the essentials. You can even grab some tapes and sticky notes to mark each box. 

Declutter Your House 

When moving to a new place you must first get rid of the broken items and stuff that are no longer in use. Old books, broken furniture, which you are not planning to fix, worn out clothes and everything that you do not want to carry. In this way, you will get a clear house with stuff that is important and in use. 

The Sorting Phase 

Next comes the sorting phase where you have to keep your electronics at one spot, delicate glass items and kitchenware at a different corner. You have to then assign the needed packaging material for each of the different categories. 

Start Packing

Now comes the most important step. You either can dive in straight or take a step back and call expert movers for help. The professional movers in the UAE are trained to offer efficient and reliable packing services. As you do not want to damage your belongings it’s best if you seek expert assistance. 

However, if you want to go with the former idea, you can do that by first packing the delicate items after wrapping them up in bubble wraps. Place insulating sheets and safely tap the box. Do not forget to label it. Then go for the electronics. Dissemble the electronics while keeping their manuals together. If you have their own boxes then use them. Once you are through, go for packing your clothes. Tie the doors of cupboards tightly. 

Moving Phase 

Evaluate how big of a truck you want to move your stuff. Consult the moving service providers in the UAE and get a quote. When the truck arrives, make sure that heavy and strong items are loaded first. 

Wrap Up 

Do not be in a rush and perform every task with complete dedication and care. Restlessness causes trouble, so stay conscious and in control.

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